Le Petit Musee was conceived by

Sherry Steiner of Housatonic MA

& originally located in Housatonic

opening in 1992 in a very small space

measuring 7 feet by 10 feet displaying

both contemporary and vintage art

from floor to ceiling. The gallery

became a tourist attraction

with feature stories in newspapers

including The Boston Globe as well

as being listed in

‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’.

– 1994 after two years of no heat and

sweltering temperatures & a leaking

floor I decided it was time to expand to

a space a few feet down the street

measuring 8 feet by 18 feet (with heat).

It felt like a palace!

– 1996 Le Petit Musee began an

association with The Red Door in

Great Barrington.

– 1998 Le Petit Musee closed the gallery

in Housatonic & joined Barnum’s Antiques.


-2006 to 2007 Le Petit Musee shared a roof

at Wild Sage in Pittsfield MA

presenting eclectic works of art. The

space was about 7 feet by 18 feet with a 4 foot

by 6 foot adjoining room for solo shows.


– 2008/09 Le Petit Musee once again

makes history when it re-opened in Housatonic

in a former ironing board closet that

measured 11 inches wide by 74” long

by 4” deep presenting the most unusual

displays of art. Le Petit Musee was located

within ARTsModerne at 151 Front Street

who itself is quite small (9.5 feet x 11.5 feet)

where contemporary and vintage art is shown.

-2012 to 2013 Le Petit Musee presented solo

shows of local art at Wild Sage in Pittsfield MA

-2015 Le Petit Musee at The Emporium

in Great Barrington MA presenting

exhibitions of contemporary art.


Where will Le Petit Musee show up next???


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